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Behind Wink is the best condom manufacturer of ultra-thin condoms in the world. Okamoto has more than 85 years of experience in the manufacturing of condoms. We manufacture exclusively in our factories and have been awarded on various occasions as the best manufacturer in the world of ultra-thin condoms.

Read the usage instructions carefully and you will see that it is easy to use, for any doubt you may have you can leave us a message or turn to our social networks.

Place the condom on the upper part of the penis and press the nipple so that no air enters. then, unroll the condom to the end of the penis.

Hold the upper part of the condom, unroll it upwards, tie a knot, roll it up and throw it into the trash.

In a closed cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Remember to always check the expiration date.

There is no reason for this if you use them correctly. Our condoms adapt in such a way that it is difficult for them to slide.

The most highlighted reasons for breakage are:

  • Being shaved (hair removal)
  • Using piercings, rings or any other pointy element
  • Using condoms in aquatic environments (shower, swimming pool, ocean, etc.).
The thickness of a condom does not mean that it is safer. What is important in a condom being safe is the technology that is used, the quality of the latex, the quality controls and their correct use.
Yes, but it is important that the lubricant is water based; another type of lubricant, such as Vaseline, can damage the condom.

Yes, they are effective. The condoms are the only birth-control method with which you can prevent sexually transmitted diseases and undesired pregnancies (no birth-control method can provide 100% protection).

All our condoms are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 4074:2015 standard, certified by the European market. The Okamoto condoms have obtained numerous awards for their quality and the Stanford University (USA) has recognised Okamoto as the best manufacturer of condoms in terms of comfort, shape and odour.

Our condoms do not contain casein and do not use any animal derivative in the manufacturing process.

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