Our obsession of offering the best entails triple-testing each condom with Japanese technology, meeting the highest standards in the world.


You may not know us, but we have been in Okamoto for nearly 100 years, making serious efforts to manufacture the best condoms in the world.

Did you know that 2 out of 3 condoms that are sold in Japan are Okamoto? Okamoto is the leading Japanese brand of condoms in Japan.

It is normal that you may not know us, because we prefer to invest our money in R&D and not in advertising, in order to try to create a super-resistant and least-noticeable condom on the market.

Our obsession of offering the best entails electronically testing each condom, meeting the highest standards in the world.

We firmly believe that the best advertising is that a product offers you a great experience and for this reason, we care for each small detail so that nothing may interfere.

Okamoto. Preservativos con tecnología japonesa. Condones Wink

How many engineers are needed to develop the best, thinner and more flexible condom of Europe? 84, and they are Japanese.


Technology for a better life

We provide the best, least noticed, thinnest, most flexible, softest condom that does not smell like latex. THE SEX IS UP TO YOU.

Did you know that a chain is broken by its weakest link? For this reason, the OKAMOTO team has focussed its efforts on achieving condoms with Japanese technology that allows manufacturing condoms with uniform quality and thickness throughout the entire condom. Our patented technology is called SHEERLON and it makes the condom be softer and more flexible.

Did you know that, in order for a good fit, the condoms must remain tense, without looseness or wrinkles? For this reason, elasticity in a condom is so important.

Because we believe that, in sex, pleasure should only depend on the persons involved, we want to interfere the least possible between you and your partner. Our objective and our greatest virtue? TO GO UNNOTICED.

In order for you to feel everything and to feel safe.